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One of The Leading European Solar Energy Manufacturers

Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Energy Manufacturers


With constant concern for innovation and aesthetics and through its many years of experience in Solar Street Lighting projects around the world ENVIROENRGY SOLUTIONS is proud to present a unique solution to Solar Street Lighting installations in Dusty Desert conditions or Heavy Snow fall and Wind conditions that solves the problem of Wind Resistance and Dust, Sand or Snow accumulation on the Solar Panels. Ideal for High End Esthetic Installations without bulky and Apparent Solar Panels



  • Universal Application: The Solar Cylinder can be used on any type of pole and design without having to remove or dismantle it. The detachable design with adjustable spacing brackets makes for easy mounting on every pole, and it can be combined with most solar street lights.

  • 360° All Day Charging: Thanks to 6 slim solar panels that are fixed tightly on a hexagonal frame, the Solar Cylinder ensures that 50% of the solar panels will be facing the sun at any given moment.
  • Easy Modular Installation: The Solar Cylinder is based on a modular design concept for easy installation and disassembly. Composed of 4 parts it can be easily and quickly mounted or dismounted on any pole.

  • Strong Resistance to Wind: The Cylindrical design of the Solar Cylinder allows for the wind to flow around it reducing wind resistance surface. Furthermore, each module is directly fixed to the pole by 12 screws for a better hold. Compared to any other solar panel, the Solar Cylinder has a better resistance to wind allowing it to be used safely in locations with stronger winds.

  • No Snow Coverage: Unlike normal solar panels, the Solar Cylinder is mounted vertically and thanks to its cylindrical shape it is very difficult for snow to accumulate on it, ensuring that the it will generate electricity even in climates with heavy snow fall.

  • Less Dust Accumulation: Thanks to its cylindrical shape and vertical mounting, the Solar Cylinder has less dust accumulation than any normal PV panel. Furthermore, it can be easily cleaned from the ground using a sponge with a long handle, not requiring and ladders or lifts thus requiring less maintenance.

  • Aesthetic Design: Compared to other bulky and aesthetically offensive solar panels that are placed on pole tops and are not an option in areas with aesthetic sensitivity, the Solar Cylinder has an aesthetic superiority. Integrating on the pole and available in many colors to match the design of the pole it blends-in to the rest of the environment.

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