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One of The Leading European Solar Energy Manufacturers

Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Energy Manufacturers


Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Modules are made under strict quality controls and apply rigorous design and advanced technology to constantly improve the quality and power output of our solar modules. 

EAVN series solar modules

The EAVN series solar modules are produced in the European Union under the strictest quality standards, in state-of-art manufacturing facilities and undergo several major inspection procedures throughout the production phase including:

> 3 times EL testing to ensure end product without micro cracks,

> 3 times appearance inspection to ensure no defects,.

> 1 time power testing and inspection to ensure expected power output is being delivered from each and every solar panel.

Backed up by a solid 12 year product quality warranty and a linear performance warranty of 25 years at 80%, the outstanding, European made, EAVN series is available in a wide power range from 100Wp to 310Wp and configurations of 36 54, 60 and 72 cells.

Combining excellent quality with high performance and positive power tolerance, the EAVN series is the perfect choice for every solar project , small medium or large, for which every detail counts.

ESK 6612P Series Solar Modules

The new Enviroenergy ESK 6612P, 72 cell, 5-Busbar, polycristaline modules are manufactured in Asia, following all European and International norms and standards, with a fully automated production line with machinery made in Germany, grade A raw material and with strict specifications and quality inspection in all phases, from cell to complete module, achieving zero product defect, while ensuring high product reliability and maximal efficiency

Download Poly Modules Data Sheets in PDF