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One of The Leading European Solar Energy Manufacturers

Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Energy Manufacturers

Solar LED Street Lights EA1SL, EA2SL, EA2SL Split


Solar LED Street Lights and solar flood lights are the most economical and completely independent way of lighting a street or an area, especially in remote locations where there is no electricity and extending the utility grid is prohibitively expensive. Even in urban areas, Solar LED Street Lights find great usage to reduce Electricity Bills and dependency on conventional power which in many places is often unstable and unreliable, and to contribute towards green energy and the reduction of the carbon footprint. Reliability and long life make Enviroenergy Solar LED Street Lights and solar powered outdoor lighting solutions highly effective in fulfilling All lighting requirements.

EA1SL Series

All-in-One Solar Street Lights

EA2Sl Series

All-in-Two Solar Street Lights

ES2SL Split Series

In comparison to other Solar Street Lights or standard fuel generators and unreliable public grids, the NEW Range of ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar Street Lights offer many advantages:

  • 12 hours lighting during the night and 7 days a week continuous operation and reliable power supply in all climatic hot – cold conditions.
  • Independent from utility grid, fossil fuel shortages and price increases, hence the operation costs are minimized.
  • Solar Street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights and since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents is minimized.
  • Clean and silent technology, no pollution of air and soil, no noise emissions
  • Long lifetime of components, no moving parts.Easy and quick installation. Each street light has its own photovoltaic panel, independent of other street lights and above all independent of the utility grid.
  • Once installed, a Solar Street Light begins working immediately without requiring finishing the installation of all other lights before power can be turned-on.