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One of The Leading European Solar Energy Manufacturers

Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Energy Manufacturers


The New ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS EDCWP Series Solar Water Pumping Systems offer a wide range of Solar DC Water Pumps that can be adapted to every requirement, offering complete independence and many advantages compared to the use of fossil fuels, grid electricity or wind power.

Either from boreholes or rivers, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS EDCWP Series Solar Water Pumping Systems and Solar Water Pumps can provide daily up to 750.000lt of clean drinking water, for sanitary use, for animals or for irrigation purposes.

Enviroenergy Solar Water Pumping Systems and Solar Water Pumps include a wide range of Pumps in a variety of sizes and materials

Advantages of EDCWP Solar Water Pumps

  • Solar power produces zero air pollution compared to fossil fuels and electricity

  • Zero noise pollution & silent operation compared to diesel generators.

  • Zero soil and water pollution due to oil spills or leaks going to water sources.

  • Low maintenance required thanks to no moving parts compared to diesel generators or Wind power, that need expensive and constant maintenance and refueling, with expensive repairs and parts difficult to find.

  • Long operation life time > 20 years with ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS high quality stainless steel pumps and solar modules with >20 years performance warranty, compared to generator short life expectancy.

  • No constant and costly refueling, and no transport of fuel to site required.

  • Reliable solar power supply with no price increases compared to constant price increases of fossil fuels and electricity (low financial risk).

  • Reliable solar power supply compared to grid constant power shortages or fossil fuel supply interruption due to rainy seasons (low technical and natural risks).

  • Reliable and independent solar power supply compared to wars, political risks and lack of supply of fossil fuels from oil producing countries (low political risk).

  • Reliable power supply in all climatic conditions, hot and cold (low climatic risk).

  • Easy to install and modular system that can be closely matched to needs. Easily adaptable to changing power and water demands

  • Smaller pumping systems can be mounted on trailer to accommodate moving livestock.

Click to Download EDCWP Brochure in PDF